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TopSpin 4 UK release date

Development nearly Wimbledon.

The Andy Murray-fronted Top Spin 4 will release in the UK on 18th March, 2K Games has announced.

The US is served earlier that week on 15th March.

Developer 2K Czech (Mafia II) claims that Top Spin 4 has an "uncanny level of realism". Other improvements are painstakingly animated tennis stars, which include Andre Agassi, Pete Samprass, Andy Murray, Jim Courier and Bjorn Borg. There's no mention of Tim Henman.

It's been nearly three years since a Top Spin game baseline-smashed its way onto shelves. And that game, Top Spin 3, walked away with a game-winning 8/10 on Eurogamer.

Wrote then Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed: "Yes, the often exhausting depth might prove to be off-putting for those who prefer the more intuitive Virtua Tennis, but that's precisely part of Top Spin 3's more simulation-minded appeal. With fantastic online play and an obsessive career mode to dive into, it's the thinking man's tennis title."

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