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Top-down shooter LA Cops booked for Xbox One in March

Unarrested development.

Top-down isometric shooter LA Cops - currently available via Steam Early Access - will launch for Xbox One on 13th March.

Reminiscent of Hotline Miami in its retro-inspired setting and viewpoint, LA Cops sees you fight on the side of the law (but still shoot up everything in sight).

The game's Xbox One edition is being published by Worms developer Team 17.

The last update to the PC version added a new level and a nightmare mode, back in December 2014. On Steam, the game is priced £8.99.

"If LA Cops stepped into my office right now, I'd tell it that it's got what it takes, that it could make a difference in this city," Rick Lane wrote in Eurogamer's LA Cops' Early Access review.

"But I'd also say that it's young and reckless, that in this department we expect results, and its ass is on the line. I'd be willing to give it another chance, but damn it man it needs to shape up, or I'd be taking its badge and gun."

See how it plays in the new trailer below:

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