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Today's Battlefield 2042 update reworks another map

Plus option to host persistent servers within Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042's latest update arrives today, and tweaks yet another map.

Update 2.2 reworks Orbital in a similar manner to how September's patch reworked the (appropriately named) Renewal. Here, Battlefield developer DICE says it has "improved gameplay flow" and added more cover and assets, as well as various terrain improvements.

Another big addition to this update is that of persistent servers for Battlefield Portal, so your server will always remain available within the game's server browser - even when there are no active players.

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Access to persistent servers will go live today for owners of the game's premium battle pass, limited to one active server per account. Servers will remain active for seven days from its last active player activity.

Fresh vault weapons this update include Battlefield 3's ACW-R, plus the AKS-74u and MP412 REX from Bad Company 2 and BF3. There's also the usual long list of bug fixes, which you can read more of via the update's full patch notes.

Eurogamer's Battlefield fan Ishraq came away largely impressed by Battlefield 2042's main Season 2 update. "Despite my positive impressions of what's to come, Battlefield 2042 is in dire need of more content," he wrote at the time.

EA itself has acknowledged its mistakes with the game, while pledging to keep it updated with new content for the time being.

Battlefield boss Vince Zampella recently admitted 2042 "strayed too far from what Battlefield is" and that its developers didn't spend "enough time iterating on what makes that fun".

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