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To The Moon follow-up Finding Paradise gets its first trailer ahead of tomorrow's release

Moving pictures.

Developer Freebird's long-awaited To the Moon follow-up Finding Paradise is finally launching on PC and Mac tomorrow, and there's a first proper trailer to celebrate.

Finding Paradise is the second full episode in the To the Moon saga (there have been smaller spin-offs like A Bird Story in the interim), and it once again tells the tale of two doctors as they venture into the mind of a dying patient. It's designed as a completely standalone adventure, requiring no knowledge of previous instalments, and there will almost certainly be tears upon your dabbing fist by the end of it all.

In fact, you'll be lucky if you can make it through Finding Paradise's trailer - surprisingly the first proper one since the game's announcement last year - without feeling an emotion.

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Eurogamer contributor Lewis Denby (and, let's be honest, pretty much everyone else) was thoroughly taken with Finding Paradise's predecessor To the Moon. "Across its four-or-so hours and seventy-or-so years," Lewis said in his review, "To the Moon touches upon deeply personal moments in its central character's life. They range from the most revelatory to the most minute, yet every one is as relevant and poignant as the last."

Finding Paradise will be available to buy on Steam tomorrow, December 14th. And while you count down the hours until release, why not revisit the excellent spoof trailer that Finding Paradise's creator Kan Gao made earlier this year to promote his upcoming game?

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