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ThreeSpeech podcast slags Microsoft

Sony UK distances itself.

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"Semi official" Sony UK blog ThreeSpeech has fought its way past Sony's new, useful US blog and back into the headlines by saying controversial things about Microsoft's PR department and US bloggers on its first podcast.

"If you ask most people they say Sony PR is awful. Well Sony PR is straight to the point, and when they delay something they go, 'Oh, whoops, we've delayed it, sorry,' and they're just honest about it and everybody picks on them for being blatantly honest about it," one of the presenting team opines during a bit about the relative merits of the two companies' PR approaches.

"Whereas with Microsoft, all their PR is very like trying to be your best mate, and I don't like it, it's very grimy. I get that feeling with the unnamed Microsoft blogger and podcaster, who likes to call his podcasts blogcasts. Oh come on, just because it's Apple - just call it a podcast, that's what it is." Actually it's an MP3. "It doesn't matter if you're listening to it on iPod or not. But do listen to it on an iPod. Or a Sony Connect player."

The podcasters - Ben Furneaux, David Darke, Pete Cullen and Tom Eccles - also comment on the recently launched US Sony blog. They describe it as "far superior and a lot less slimy" than an unnamed official Xbox 360 blog, which from their descriptions can only be Major Nelson's.

The podcast also includes some bits about what's likely to happen at E3, the WarHawk beta, and some reaction to rumours about a new PSP, which - they point out mid-item, apropos of nothing - has recently gone down in price! "Until next time - This Is Living."

Sony UK has been in touch since we originally published this story. "The podcast has nothing to do with Sony, and was put together independently," a spokesperson explained.

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