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THQ pulls Conan into Sept

COH: Opposing Fronts follows.

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THQ has brought the release dates of Conan and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts forward to 28th September.

Conan is the gory and adult-themed hackandslasher for 360 and PS3, created by developer Nihilistic Software - responsible for the shonky Marvel Nemesis in 2005, Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption in 2000, and canned project StarCraft Ghost.

You play as the beefed-up barbarian of Robert E. Howard's imagination, and go around chopping limbs off and battling mythical beasts using all sorts of button-mashing mayhem. It was down for release in 2008 just over a month ago, before the publisher's dwindling financial results saw it pulled forward first to October, and now even sooner.

We had a chance to see it earlier in the year, but still remain a little sceptical. Expect our full thoughts soon.

Opposing Fronts, on the other hand, is the standalone expansion to the wonderful World War II strategy game Company of Heroes. Since then, developer Relic has been busy adding more convincing AI behaviour, more realistic physics, and fancy new weather effects.

There's new campaigns, too - one covering the British 2nd Army's liberation of Caen in France, the other documenting the German battle to repel the enormous allied airborne invasion Operation Market Garden.

Pop over to our Company of Heroes and Opposing Fronts gamepages to find out more.

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