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Where in the world is the Queen's golden Wii?

We're not taking the piss.

Nearly a decade ago, video games publisher THQ thought up a clever PR stunt for its latest Wii game.

The mediocre mini-game compilation was aimed at the family market, so THQ had a unique golden Nintendo Wii console made for the most famous family in the country - the royal family - then sent the console off addressed to the Queen herself.

Ex-Eurogamer video producer Chris Bratt (who?) picks up the story in the video below, the latest in his Humans - sorry - People Make Games series.

Will Chris be able to track down the Queen's golden Wii for himself after all this time? Will you get a lovely shot of him packing away his underpants as he goes off searching? Yes and yes - but as ever, the story behind it all is well worth a watch.

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