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THQ Nordic takes on Football Manager with We Are Football

Long ball.

THQ Nordic is taking on the long-running Football Manager series with a football management sim of its own it describes as "a throwback to classic traditional management games".

We Are Football is from German studio Winning Streak Games. It was co-founded by Gerald Köhler, the creator of the On the Ball football manager series, which was a big hit in Germany in the early '90s.

The debut We Are Football trailer is below:

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THQ Nordic stressed that We Are Football is easy to grasp. "We Are Football offers you full control of every aspect of your club but remains as simple as a hoofed long ball," reads the official blurb.

"In We Are Football you won't spend entire evenings understanding how everything works. It's possible to polish off an entire season in little more than it takes to finish a real game of professional football: just two hours."

Management options let you control a club's finance, sponsors, HR, fan support, organisation, club members, fan funds and even play the stock market. The match engine focuses on the ball and players who participate in "offensive manoeuvres". We're also promised "spectacular" half-time speeches.

"Well-known" women's and men's teams are available, although THQ Nordic did not say which official licences it's snagged. Based on the screenshots, expect to see random player names and custom team crests. There's an extensive editor, though, so perhaps a few months after release an option file will be available that adds that authentic feel.

I doubt Sports Interactive will be quaking in its boots over We Are Football, but it's nice to see another player enter the genre.

We Are Football is due out on PC on 10th June 2021.

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