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Thompson criticises Buzz! for schools

British papers decide it's a 'row'.

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US attorney Jack Thompson has criticised Buzz! The Schools Quiz, claiming teachers should concentrate on traditional teaching methods instead.

His comments were aired in British newspapers The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, both of which questioned Sony's motives in selling the PS2 title to schools, presumably in much the same way an impartial observer would question the newspapers' decision to make a non-existent row the focus of their stories.

"Videogames have hurt far more people than they have helped," claimed Jack Thompson, who hasn't actually been rude to us lately. "I don't see how they can be of any more benefit than normal teaching."

Educational psychologist Jane Healy agreed: "If you watch kids on a computer, most of them are just hitting keys or moving the mouse as fast as they can. It reminds me of rats running in a maze," she said, demonstrating an impressive understanding of how Buzz works.

Buzz! The Schools Quiz features around 5000 questions based on the Key Stage 2 Curriculum and is available in both shops and schools.

It's a self-funded project by Buzz! developer Relentless, and has proved both successful and popular in schools around the country - as we heard in an interview last Friday.

Sounds all right to us. But what about you at the back there with your hand up and your snotty nose, what do you think?

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