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This Week on Outside Xbox

Skyrim, sniping and psychopathy.

Hello again, Eurogamer readers. We're back already for another weekly update and we hope you're as alarmed as us by how quickly those advent calendar doors are opening. Still, there's a special treat behind door number nine. No, it's not an oversized chocolate that, owing to a manufacturing error, has escaped the sides of its plastic mould to encroach on the chocolate behind the door next to it. It's us. Outside Xbox. We have some videos you might be interested in watching?

First up, hoping to make that all-important transition from inexplicably popular to explicably popular is Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, which takes the first-person shooter and trims out all the chaff that doesn't involve exploding heads. Jane managed to bag some actual, honest to goodness exclusive footage of this and you know what? It's actually rather pretty.

Also for your consideration, Andy takes a look at the latest on Tomb Raider, Lara's rough-and-tumble coming-of-age story. And by rough-and-tumble, we mean she stabs guys in the head - something that, where we come from, makes you a psychopath. Still, it seems a plummy English accent will get you out of just about anything.

Oh and it's worth mentioning, there are minor plot spoilers in this video, but rest assured everything discussed is from the opening hour of the game.

And finally, as if we didn't already have far too much on our gaming plate, Show of the Week is all about Dragonborn, which only goes and drops a hefty lump of 'more Skyrim' onto the china just before Christmas. Squeezing everything in is going to take some very precise time management.

Elsewhere we decided to see how the gorgeous Far Cry 3 stands up when you split the screen and attempt to set fire to everything, plus Andy risked grip tape burns and broken scaphoids as he rediscovered some classic levels in the Revert DLC Pack for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD.

Have an excellent few days, don't get too smashed at the Christmas party and we'll see you next week.