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This War of Mine dev to publish twin-stick shooter Tower 57

Coming next year to PC, consoles and... Amiga?

This War of Mine and Anomaly series developer 11 bit studios will be publishing Pixwerk's co-op twin-stick shooter Tower 57.

Set in a "dieselpunk world" where entire civilizations are quarantined off into "Megatowers", a strange group of individuals have infiltrated the titular tower for reasons unknown. Maybe because they heard it has dinosaurs? Because it does in fact have dinosaurs. And killer robots. And tanks. Now that's quite the tower!

Tower 57 will feature seven different characters, each with their own skill sets and equipment. The game will support both local and online co-op.

Tower 57 previously launched a Kickstarter campaign that swung past its €45k goal with an ending tally of €51,504.

You can see how Tower 57 looks in action in the trailer below.

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Tower 57 is due next year on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux, and Amiga. Yes, Amiga.