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This is what the new Blur game looks like

Blur Overdrive speeds onto App Store.

Blur Overdrive, the mobile racer licensed from Activision, is out now on the App Store. There it's a free download for iPhone and iPad.

It launched on Google Play earlier this week.

Blur Overdrive is a freemium mobile game developed by Nottingham studio App Crowd. We reported on this last week, but it's worth going through the official blurb once more:

"Immerse yourself in the intense racing experience of Blur Overdrive. With eight insane power-ups this isn't just racing, this is POWERED UP racing! The race track is your battle ground and you must shunt the other drivers to snatch the chequered flag and progress through the game. Buckle up and ride the beautiful chaos that is Blur Overdrive."

There are eight power-ups, nine different types of races and a showroom in which you can spend your race winnings on cars.

Now we have a video, below, which shows us what Overdrive looks like to play.

Blur Overdrive is the result of company Marmalade Play licensing the Blur brand from Activision, which shut down Liverpool studio Bizarre Creations in January 2011 after Blur failed to hit sales expectations.

How odd. A coincidence? Blur Overdrive hits the App Store on the day Microsoft pours cold water on the possible return of Project Gotham Racing, Bizarre Creations' other superb racing series.

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