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This is my $550,000 30-year video game collection

Oh it's not mine really but it could be yours.

I'm not even sure all of this would fit in one truck. It's the 30-year video game collection of an, err, avid fan. And it's being sold on eBay for a measly $550,000.

Beep beep coming through!

What do you get? Oh man. There are more than 6850 games, 330 consoles, 220 controllers and 185 accessory things.

The intrepid collector has around 10,000 pictures of the collection, but thought it prudent to trim the unwieldy stack down to 500 for the sake of the auction. You'll keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

The seller highlights collectors' pieces such as the pearl-white Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GameCube (there are only 150 in the world apparently), the Hitachi Gamenavi Saturn (I don't know what these words mean) and both the BioHazard (Resi) Dreamcasts, one in red, one in blue.

"Plus I have a large quantity of light guns," the seller added, reminiscent of Ron Burgundy and his leather-bound books.

The collection has been kept in the basement in what sound like perfect conditions. "I have a pet," wrote the seller, "but he's not interested in videogames."

Impressed? Last year some bonkers kleptomaniac put a video game collection on eBay and asked $1.32 million for it. There was a winning bidder but it's unclear if any money ever changed hands.

Not sure what you're seeing? Those are Steel Battalion controllers. Four of them.

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