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This is how you plan space combat in sci-fi RPG The Mandate

Stay on target.

The developer of science-fiction role-playing game The Mandate has released a new video showing how you plan space combat.

In The Mandate, which raised over $700,000 through Kickstarter last year, players use the captain's holomap, called "the battle orchestrator", to plan deep space skirmishes, using asteroid cover and line of sight to their advantage. The developer Perihelion takes us through a demo of this in action in the video below.

Perihelion told Eurogamer it's targeting a beta launch during the first quarter of 2015. The length of the beta will depend on user feedback.

While the launch platform is PC there are also Linux and Mac versions in the works. The game is being built using the Unity3D game engine, which gives the developer the option to develop a console version later, but it's not a priority.

Game of Thrones actor David Bradley (aka Walder Frey) is on board. He plays Lord High Admiral Suvarov, a descendant of the Russian Tsars. The Mandate's writing team have crafted 1500 years of alternate history to discover, which sees the Romanov family's distant offspring now ruling space.

You can interact with your crew for quests and story, fight space battles, storm enemy ships and explore a galaxy "that reacts to your choices". The Mandate has been compared to BioWare's Mass Effect series.

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