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Third Sony hack attack this weekend?

IRC planning meetings overheard.

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A third attack on Sony by hackers may be planned for this weekend.

A source observing IRC chat channels told CNET that the hackers intend on breaking into "Sony's website" and publishing all the information they can steal.

The hackers claim to still have access to some of Sony's servers.

This doesn't appear to be linked to hacktivist collective Anonymous, which yesterday denied stealing credit card details from PlayStation Network.

Sony had planned a phased restoration of "some" PSN services this week. However, it's Friday, and Sony Europe has still not offered a time-frame for the regional revival.

Last night, the man at the very top of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, wrote an apologetic open letter to the PlayStation Network community.

He revealed Sony's plans to reward PSN members worldwide with a year of free PSN identity protection. In the US, specialist firm AllClear ID will provide the service. European details are still be worked out.

The PlayStation Network has been unavailable since 20th April.

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