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There's a Tomb Raider board game coming early next year

From the makers of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

Done with Shadow of the Tomb Raider already, but still hankering for a bit more Lara in your life? Well, then you might be interested to hear about her latest, somewhat more lo-fi adventure, which arrives in the form of a new Tomb Raider board game in February next year.

Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game, as Square's new endeavour is known, comes from the makers of the (apparently pretty decent) Final Fantasy Trading Card Game and is described as a "fun and clever take on the classic video game series". It designed for 3-4 players and sees would-be adventurers exploring ruins and fending off threats "while using your wits, arsenal and skills to prove that you, and you alone, are the Lara Croft".

The promotional shots show four Lara Croft player pieces, and Square further explains that board game Lara embarks "on an unknown journey in search of a hidden artefact and faces the biggest threat of all, herself!" Which sounds suspiciously like the designers have fancifully incorporated some kind of weird existential, multi-universe Lara narrative, just so everyone gets to play as their favourite adventurer.

Based on the supplied images, it looks like each game sees Lara(s) working through a random selection of encounters - Pest Nest, Dinosaur, Deadly Waters, Burning Ruins, and Native Village are so far revealed - via the modular board. And really, that's about all I can impart with regard to Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game at the moment - unless you're itching to know that it lasts an average of 40mins, measures 312 x 227 x 77mm, and weighs 1.8kg.

I was going to read through the rule book and offer you some sort of summarisation, but it's not appeared on the pre-order page just yet.

Perhaps if you keep an eye out though, it might eventually materialise.