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There's a new Micro Machines!


A new Micro Machines game is out.

Mobile game publisher Chillingo, which is owned by EA, has released Micro Machines on the App Store. It's developed by Codemasters.

Up to four players can play across 10 tracks in three race modes. You can collect and race over 60 vehicles, with 60 types of weapon mods at launch. There are flamethrowers and shrink rays and Nerf guns and all sorts.

Now, this Micro Machines is free to download, with in-app purchases all over the shop. You can buy a stack of gems for £3.99, a bunch of gems for £1.49, or a bunch of coins for £1.49.

There's some gameplay footage in the video below.

Watch on YouTube

As many of our readers have pointed out, this new Micro Machines game looks a lot like Codemasters' Toybox Turbos, itself considered a Micro Machines game in everything but name.

What appears to have happened is EA, via Chillingo, has re-jigged the premium Toybox Turbos and turned it into a free-to-download Micro Machines game with in-app purchases.

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