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There's a new game for Wii U

Tab still running.

Remember Wii U? Nintendo's unloved tablet-controlled console is nine years old today, and a new game has been announced in celebration.

Captain U is a 2D platformer designed by Nintendo fans at indie outfit Ultra Dolphin Revolution, and it's due for release via the Wii U eShop in December (thanks, Nintendo Life).

Hey, it's nice someone remembered Wii U still exists.

"Welcome to this new, yet familiar, universe," the game's description reads. "You are known as Captain U and you are here to locate the missing princess! Equipped with this universe's legendary weapon, the PowerPad, you will utilise your unique powers to find the princess and save the universe!"

Nine levels are featured, and you can use the Wii U GamePad to create or move platforms, and delete enemies.

Captain U will cost $2.99/€2.99.