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There is a football referee sim game

And it's coming soon.

Ever fancied being called a w***er by thousands of people? Ever dreamed of being berated by petulant, overpaid professional sports stars? Ever gawped at Pierluigi Collina's shiny, bald, Skeletor head and thought, you're my hero?

Well now you can realise those dreams, virtually, with Football Referee, a football referee simulation video game coming soon.

In Footballtainment's free-to-play browser game you make decisions on scenes that might occur during the course of a match.

There's also a section called "How to Become A Ref", which provides instruction and rules on refereeing.

"It doesn't matter how old you are, all you need to be is a fan of football," reads the official blurb. "The gameplay and the language of the game, which is based on a trivia system, is simple and straightforward."