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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy sequel heading west

Curtain Call out on 3DS this year.

The sequel to rhythm-based Final Fantasy spin-off Theatrhythm will release in Europe, Square Enix has announced.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call launches on the Nintendo 3DS this year, the publisher said. It includes over 200 tracks, over 60 characters and new game modes.

There are three times as many songs as were in the first game, which launched in July 2012. There are twice as many playable characters.

The two new game modes are Quest Medley, where you alternate playing FMS (Field Music Sequence) and BMS (Battle Music Sequence) games, and the Versus BMS mode, where players challenge and compete.

The songs and characters are lifted from the likes of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Final Fantasy Tactics, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. Characters include Barret from Final Fantasy 7, Benjamin from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics and Zack from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.

Producer Ichiro Hazama said: "Music is an integral part of the Final Fantasy experience that serves as a complement to the gameplay.

"As with the previous title, we envisioned a game where the music takes centre stage and the RPG gameplay enhances that experience. Our fans are definitely in for a treat as they'll be able to re-experience their favourite songs across the entire Final Fantasy catalogue."

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