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The Xbox app is getting a major upgrade to its search

Huge for the company behind Bing.

The Xbox mobile app for iOS and Android is getting a major upgrade to its search engine.

The update, which is available right now for beta users, improves the algorithm that powers game searches.

Search for games on the Xbox app has been notoriously bad up until this point, igniting the console wars between PlayStation and Xbox fans since the PlayStation is relatively good at finding what you want.

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The general response to the update appears to be positive, although as one Reddit user pointed out, the fact the search was so bad in the first place is ironic for a company that owns a search engine.

Then again, that search engine is Bing.

Mobile companion apps have become an essential tool for players, hence why platform owners have increasingly placed resources on improving their app experiences.

Last week, Valve announced that it was rebuilding its Steam mobile app with a new framework and modern design. The same base code has been running the Steam app since 2015, which resembles Valve's pattern of releasing and abandoning projects soon after, before remembering they exist again.