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The Visit is a hilarious free flash game that's well worth your time

Co-created by the guy who made that amazing point-and-click Double Fine application.

"Beginnings are special," said Christian Donlan at the start of his Dishonored diary, where he noted that ruining the start of a game is just as big a spoiler as the ending.

'It was a day like any other until...'

That's never been truer than in Exotworking's The Visit, a clever free flash game about... well, I don't want to spoil it for you, so let's just say it's about a man whose day goes in a very unexpected direction.

The whole thing is a parody of conventional game design and much of the fun is trying to discover all six of the endings - each with their own amazing piece of artwork at their conclusion.

This Visit was created by Irina Gross, Benedikt Hummel, and Majus Fietzek, who gained some notoriety for the greatest job application of all-time; a point-and-click adventure about interviewing for an internship at Double Fine that ended up getting him said internship at Double Fine.

I suspect Monkey Island fans will especially get a kick out of it, and if you're ever applying for a job and see his name on the list of potential hires, just give up and do something else. I hear floor inspector is a lovely position...

Double Fine HQ looks nothing like this. Melee Island's lookout, however, does.