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The UnderGarden cross-pollenates to PSN

Ambient PC/XBLA plaything due soon.

The UnderGarden, an eccentric puzzler from indie developer Vitamin-G that blossomed on PC and Xbox Live Arcade last year, is heading to PlayStation Network.

Developer Antonio Santamaria confirmed the imminent release on the PlayStation Blog, although didn't reveal an exact date.

"Many games are really fast-paced and full of tension. The UnderGarden is pretty much the polar opposite of that," Santamaria explained for the uninitiated.

"It is about creating rather than destroying: you can't die, you can't really fail, and you play at your own pace. In the right state of mind, it is a nice relaxing experience. You can pour yourself a beverage, shut off the lights, and just float around the world.

"If you are a fan of games like Flower, or Flow, then you'll be right at home here. Even if you spend more time playing shooters, The UnderGarden is a great change of pace to help you unwind afterwards."

Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead awarded the title 7/10 in November. "It doesn't quite deserve to be ranked alongside spiritual forebears such as LocoRoco and fl0w," he judged, "but it comes close enough to make a few evenings basking in its warm glow an easy recommendation."