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The Skyrim Special Edition launch day mod difference between PS4 and Xbox One

It's rather significant.

There's a big difference between Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One and on PlayStation 4: the space reserved for mods. On PS4, 1GB space is reserved, whereas on Xbox One it's 5GB. So what difference does that make to mod selection now the game has been released? Rather a lot.

On launch day, on PS4, you can currently choose from 38 mods - but on Xbox One you can choose from 119.

It means that if you're playing on PS4, you miss out Xbox One mods such as a dialogue overhaul for relationships; an extensive bug-fixing patch; expanded crafting options to make arrows and lockpicks; an alternate starting location and story set-up; and a whole campfire gameplay system. In other words, the kind of mods that can really alter your Skyrim experience.

Ian is currently streaming Skyrim Special Edition!

The mods available on PS4 aren't quite as significant. There's a mod that adds loads of new and very powerful spells, which sounds cool, but otherwise it's limited to bits and bobs - new buildings, new effects, a harder difficulty.

PS4 Skyrim Special Edition mods are also restricted to using only assets that are in the game, whereas on Xbox One, mods can use assets created and imported from elsewhere - so in theory you can get the Thomas the Tank Engine dragons, which are just the best thing. Bethesda explained this earlier in the year and pointed the finger at Sony as being the sticking point.

We've written a guide on how to install the Skyrim Special Edition mods in case you need it.

Also bear in mind that old or existing PC mods probably won't work with Skyrim Special Edition, because it's a different game. This also means that your existing Skyrim saves, if you've been playing with mods, also won't work with the Special Edition.

Skyrim Special Edition is out today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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