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The Secret World teased with ARG?

Funcom's community is smarter than yours.

The small but ardent community following the development of The Secret World has uncovered an online puzzle that might be related to Funcom's mysterious MMO.

A video titled They Are Coming Back was posted on the Secret World forum on Saturday. Clues within it led to a series of riddles at a website called Sanctuary of Secrets.

The puzzle was cracked open in short order by the community, who were rewarded with a personal "token" code and told "There will come a time when it will serve you further."

There's no word on whether this ARG ("alternate reality game") is officially linked to The Secret World; when contacted, Funcom declined to comment. However, it has high production values and shares the game's theme of occult conspiracy - and its timing, just ahead of the lifting of an embargo on previews, might be considered suspicious.

We saw a presentation on The Secret World ourselves at the Game Developers Conference last month, and interviewed the game director Ragnar Tornquist. We'll be publishing our report when the embargo lifts at 2pm UK time (1pm GMT) tomorrow, so please check back then.

In the meantime, find more at the Secret World gamepage.

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The Secret World

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