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The pervy £68 microtransaction for a £30 Steam Japanese schoolgirl game

Pheromone Z.

It's Friday! Time to tell you about the Japanese schoolgirl game that has a £68 microtransaction, which lets you instantly see through clothes.

Which Japanese schoolgirl game? Glad you didn't actually ask. It's Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a game so risqué Steam warns of adult content before you view it.

Gal*Gun is a game about being hit by a cupid arrow and becoming so irresistible to all the girls at an academy - a school - they throw themselves at you. But oh no! Poor hero Houdai. All of their kissing and love letters and adulation wear him down. How will he survive to the end of the day? Why, by fending them off.

Cover image for YouTube videoGal*Gun Double Peace Official English Trailer

Gal*Gun is a kind of on-rails shooter with a targeting cursor you use to fend girls off, although your fending off looks more like active encouragement to me. It's this targeting cursor you super-power with the £68 "Pheromone Z" microtransaction, although only as far as to see down to their underclothes. I can't believe I'm writing this.

It's even more of a rip-off when you consider that the base game costs £30, so that's £98 to see a cartoon Japanese schoolgirl in her bra and underpants. Games, eh? Totally art.

Have a nice weekend!