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The next NES game for Nintendo Switch Online is a proper deep cut

Vice squad.

Having seemingly exhausted the more mainstream games in the NES' back catalogue for the Nintendo Switch Online service, some fascinating curios are being served up - and one of the next games is an absolute and lesser-spotted banger.

Vice: Project Doom is a multi-disciplined action game, developed by Aicom and originally published by Sammy, that came out way back in 1991 and has never seen a re-release since - so you can't accuse Nintendo of reheating some old Virtual Console title (you can, of course, accuse them of dragging their heels over bringing other platforms like the SNES to the service, but hey let's not go there right now).

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It's also releasing exclusively on the western version of the Nintendo Switch Online service, with Japanese subscribers getting Nekketsu Sports Challenge - part of Technos' Kunio Kun series. Actually, I wouldn't mind that too, so it's a good job it's easy enough to play both regions of the Nintendo Switch Online service without paying any extra.

Oh, and the other game being released on Nintendo Switch Online is Kung-Fu Heroes. I have no interesting trivia to offer on that one.

Both Vice: Project Doom and Kung-Fu Heroes will launch on 21st August.