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The next game from Titan Souls devs mashes together Portal and Lemmings

UPDATE: Hits iOS today.

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UPDATE: And it's out today! Telepaint just hit the App Store where you can pick it up for £2.29. We're hoping to have a proper look at it over the weekend.

ORIGINAL STORY: Acid Nerve, the two-man developer behind last year's brutal boss-rush game Titan Souls, has announced its latest project, an iOS outing that takes the same hard-edged challenge of the team's work and transposes it to a puzzler.

Called Telepaint and described by Acid Nerve as Portal meets Lemmings with a fair few twists of its own, the reveal trailer shows off a pleasingly rhythmic, maddeningly tough puzzle game that's been hastily splashed in a bucket of paint. Yes please, basically.

There's no hard release date just yet, though it's going to cost £1.99 in what they're calling a 'Pay Once and Play' title. It's iOS-only for now - we'll hopefully be able to give you a nudge when it's properly out.

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