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The new My Nintendo reward program will let you earn points as you play

To spend on DLC, merch and discounts.

Nintendo has announced its new customer reward program, named My Nintendo, which will allow users to earn points as they play games.

My Nintendo is the replacement service for Club Nintendo, the company's previous reward scheme which closed its doors in September.

You'll still be able to earn points by purchasing software or add-ons, too.

Nintendo revealed the first details of its upcoming service during an investor briefing today. There was no word on how points will be earned in-game, although a couple of possibilities spring to mind.

If Nintendo finally implemented an in-game achievement-like system it could award users points for completing certain actions. Or Nintendo could stick with its game-by-game approach and just unlock lumps of points when reaching certain sections of the game.

Rewards will include free add-on content such as new costumes for your characters, along with physical items and vouchers for eShop credit.

Nintendo is emphasising that the scheme will be as easy to sign up for as possible - via a Facebook, Twitter or Google account, with a simple e-mail and password, or with your existing Nintendo Network ID.

The web-based version of My Nintendo site will let you purchase software and check player info and take a look at your points stats.

In the future, Nintendo will use its account system to provide cloud saves for your console and mobile games.

And it has even bigger plans to provide rewards when you check in to the service at theme parks, cinemas and in stores.