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The new game from Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs takes a sci-fi twist

The Signal From Tölva coming to PC and Mac early next year.

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Well wouldn't you know it, you wait years for some proper sci-fi games then a whole host of them come tumbling down from the skies. The Signal From Tölva, the new game from Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs Big Robot, has just been announced, and it's complemented by a wonderful trailer that reveals a beautiful, open-ended exploration game that promises single-player adventure.

The Signal From Tölva looks to take some of the survival of Sir, You Are Being Hunted and embellish it with plenty of new features, with the ability to fight for territory, sabotage defence systems and recruit robots teased in the initial announcement. "Tölva is our ode to classic pulp science fiction, with all its weirdness and drama," said Big Robot's Jim Rossignol in the official statement. "We've long wanted to explore a world of starships floating over hazy valleys, and robots battling amid pulsing ruins. This is that game."

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Big Robot has been working with concept artist Ian McQue to help with The Signal From Tölva, and - full disclosure time! - friend of Eurogamer Cassandra Khaw is working on a tie-in book of lore and novella to accompany the release. It's due out early next year for PC and Mac.

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