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The new Eurogamer - four days on

A full list of fixes and tweaks.

The new look Eurogamer is now four days old and, as with any redesign of this scale, there's been a handful of teething problems to iron out.

We're listening to all your feedback and have been hard at work making improvements and hunting down bugs. Just to keep you all in the loop, here's a list of all the tweaks we've made to the front-end of the site so far.

Changes are being rolled out daily and there's plenty more on the way, including an imminent fix for the iPhone app.

Thanks for your continued support!


  • Miscellaneous optimisations (to improve page loading times) and layout fixes
  • Search engine is now working as intended
  • Fixed the bug that meant you could scroll outside of the content area if you click the middle mouse button
  • Added a horizontal scrollbar when you make the window smaller than 1280 wide so you can still login
  • Images no longer served from a port that is blocked by some corporate firewalls
  • Fixed various redirects so old bookmarks should all work


  • Added "Version tested" to reviews
  • Removed article pager from single-page articles
  • The game info box-out now fixed on Portable and Mobile versions so it doesn't overlap with the article


  • When you post it now takes you back to the last page & post
  • Karma score is now colour coded
  • The comment reply box is now bigger
  • Comment paging has been temporarily removed while we re-write it to be faster and easier to use


  • When you post it will take you back to your post
  • Link added to send private messages to other users direct from the forum thread pages
  • Added a "back to the forum" link on thread pages
  • Made the "Last page" link more prominent on the forum homepage
  • Added links to the penultimate pages in a thread from the forum homepage
  • Editing forum posts should now work as intended
  • Made the post content area wider
  • Category view now shows the name of the last poster
  • Forum search fixed


  • Old mobile site now redirects to the new one
  • Fixed some layout issues

Author pages

  • Hands-on link now only appearing once


  • Podcast feed fixed
  • Old article RSS feeds fixed

Game pages

  • Fixed the drop-down box to select article types


  • Title is no longer "notify_follow"
  • Recipient is now pre-filled on the "Send Message" page


  • Facebook 'recommend' button now ignores #comments so you get an accurate count

Release dates

  • Platform selector fixed

European sites

  • Facebook links all corrected
  • Staff pages now work
  • Numerous localisation fixes