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The mouth-watering Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 gets a release date

Gordon (Ramsay) Bennett!

The sequel to brilliantly bamboozling cooking game Cook, Serve, Delicious finally has a release date! Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 will come to Steam on 24th August, priced $12.99.

Creator David Galindo said on Twitter a PS4 version is "definitely" still coming but he is focused only on the Steam launch for now.

The biggest new ingredient is drop-in-and-out local co-op, playable all through the campaign, either with one person on keyboard and the other on mouse, or with a combination of gamepad(s) and keyboard/mouse.

"What I've found is that having two chefs in the kitchen is so much more fun," wrote Galindo in an announcement post on Steam.

"If your partner isn't quite as skilled at the game as you are, they can focus on taking care of the Holding Stations and doing the simple chores and drink stations while you handle the complex orders. If your partner is equal to the task, they can jump right into the complex orders when it gets crazy. You basically adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in, and it's a blast."

Apparently CSD2 can scale in difficulty, and throw more at you, if you and a friend are breezing through orders.

Aaaaaaargh!Watch on YouTube

Restaurant customisation is also new. In the first game you could choose one of six restaurant styles but had no say over design. In CSD2 you'll get to fit out your eatery with nearly 1000 objects that unlock after finishing levels.

Cook, Serve, Delicious is a time-pressured balancing act. You don't move characters around, as in that other cooking game Overcooked, so the orders and ticket queues can be more complex as a result. The real knack is remembering the key/controller bindings for ingredients/processes so you barely have to look when fulfilling orders.

A huge discount for Cook, Serve, Delicious should go live today in line with the Steam Summer Sale 2017, which begins 6pm BST. It'll take 80% off the £6.99 asking price.

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