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The marvellous Horace is finally coming to Switch

And it's coming soon.

Horace, one of the gaming highlights of 2019, is finally making its way to console, with a Switch version announced for release on October 21st.

The work of developer Paul Helman and programmer Sean Scaplehorn, Horace is a dazzling platformer that goes to some surprising places - several, in fact, over the course of its generous running time (it's that extended run-time which meant we were unable to get a review to you last year - something I'm hoping we'll be able to rectify this time out).

Cover image for YouTube videoHorace Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer [PEGI]

The story behind Horace's development is pretty interesting itself, too, and the game provides a window into the frenetic mind of its creator Helman. I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with it all soon!