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The Legend of Dragoon includes trophies on PlayStation Plus

Classics now available to purchase individually.

PS1 JRPG classic The Legend of Dragoon arrives on PS Plus today with trophy support.

At the time of launch for PS Plus, Sony stated the addition of trophy support for games in the Classic catalogue would be "optional for developers". Since then, only some games have included trophies, although Super Stardust Portable was recently the first game to have trophies added retroactively.

Legend of Dragoon includes 47 trophies, including a coveted platinum, most of which are tied to story.

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Newscast: How do you feel about Switch in 2023, following the Nintendo Direct?

The game is available from today, alongside other classics Wild Arms 2 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, as part of February's crop of new additions to the subscription service.

Further, all three games are available to purchase separately for those without a subscription.

The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 are £7.99, while Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is £4.99.

Other games in the Classics catalogue are also available to purchase individually, but not all.

The release of The Legend of Dragoon on PS Plus marks its digital debut in Europe, something I'm particularly excited about.

Yet with the separate availability of some classics, it seems Sony is gradually opening up its PS Plus service.