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The latest PS4 update does some cool, unannounced things

USB Music Player is back from the dead!

PlayStation 4 users have discovered the console's latest update does more than advertised.

PS4 firmware 3.50 went out this week with the headline addition of PC and Mac remote play as well as the ability to appear offline.

But, as chronicled by eagle-eyed PS4 users on Reddit, 3.50 does more than that.

The USB music player has returned. You can set a party member limit now, from two to eight people. And there's a search field on the game list, so you can quickly find live streams, for example, and pin up to three games that will stay on top of the list.

But perhaps the most useful improvement is the PS4, according to users on Reddit, now better supports 4TB drives. Have fun filling one of those!

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