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The Last of Us Part 1 The University walkthrough

Our complete guide to making it safely past the Clickers and the Bloater in the abandoned university, then surviving the science building.

After the relatively quiet events back at Tommy's Dam in The Last Of Us Part 1, Joel and Ellie get back on the road in search of a University science building that 'looks like a giant mirror.' When you join them, they are on horseback, and you'll be using the horse a fair bit here.

This section of The Last Of Us Part 1 has plenty to explore, as well as one of the most iconic scenes in the game.

We recommend taking your time with this section, get off of the horse often, and explore the dorm rooms and triage tents as you go. There's a flamethrower to find here too, which will really help later on.

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Go Big Horns

Ride into the University, then head towards the garage with a car in it. Not only will you be able to top up on supplies here, you'll also be able to get your hands on the flamethrower, so take a little bit of time to explore. Head upstairs to find a sniper's nest and some important Firefly lore. Once you've grabbed everything, return to your horse and keep going left into a building that's missing a wall.

Eventually you'll come to a gate, and your horse will get spooked by the nearby Runners. Head inside and notice a panel on the wall. There are yellow and red wires leading from it to the second floor. Go upstairs, kill all of the enemies and then switch the generator on. Follow the yellow cord on the floor, then get back down to ground level to open the gate. Head through it, then take a left, go upstairs, and get over the barricade.

Have a good rummage around here for more supplies, then head forwards until you come to another gate. Get off your horse and search the dorm until you've found the generator - there aren't any infected around here, so take your time looking around and taking all the supplies. When you find a hole in the floor, jump down.

There are Clickers as well as a Bloater down here, so use stealth to take out those Clickers with a shiv to the neck. If you want to fight the Bloater when he's alone then go for it, taking out all the other enemies first. We did this section with the flamethrower and molotovs. Regardless of how you do it, make your way to the door at the end of the corridor on your left. Open it, go through, head upstairs, search the dorms, then get outside once more. Activate the generator on the opposite side of the gate to get it open.

Get back on your horse and go through the archway over on your right. When you get to a secure zone containing tents, search for supplies, then get back on your horse and leap over the barricade on your left. Keep going straight forwards, then take a left, then push the container down the hill. Now pull it over to the truck on your right, climb up them both, and get inside the building.

Science Building

Take all the supplies from the building, then go up the nearby stairs. Have a good search up here too, then follow the yellow markings on the floor until you come to a corridor with an exit sign. Walk down this corridor before entering the room on your right. You'll find a barricaded door here - bash it open.

You'll need to fight a number of bandits before you can start moving forward again. After a little while, Joel will take a serious injury - let Ellie do the lifting while you focus on shooting when instructed to do so. Just keep going until you make it outside.

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