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The Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam walkthrough

We'll show you how to survive the onslaught at the dam, grab a powerful new weapon while you're at it, then race to the ranch.

Follow our walkthrough to make it safely through the Tommy's Dam chapter of The Last Of Us Part 1.

This is one of the shorter chapters in The Last Of Us Part 1, with two main combat encounters and a trip to a lovely ranch.

You'll also reunite with Tommy, and learn some interesting backstory regarding Joel and his brother's first year of survival after Sarah's death.

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Hydroelectric Dam

Time to track down Joel's brother, another Firefly. Carry on down the road until you come to the very end, then take a left and keep following the river until you reach the dam. Go up the stairs on the right-hand side and turn the wheel to get the bridge into play. Now clamber over the railing on your right and drop down into the water. Head right and then dive down so you can swim into the small building at the bottom. Push the pallet out, then use it to get Ellie into position to activate the other section of the bridge.

Carry on going forwards, then head left when you see an opening in the railing. Grab all the items nearby, then climb up the stairs. Look inside the shack for even more supplies - as well as a tasty new gun called El Diablo - before heading through the big doors you can see over to your right. The El Diablo is a precision, high calibre handgun with a scope. Think of it as a more mobile version of the Huntings Rifle. It's easily one of the best in the game when upgraded.

Keep following Ellie until you come to your brother, and make sure you grab any spare items you see during the tour. Once you reach the end of your journey, Joel and Tommy will have a spirited chat, to put it mildly.

At this point, the camp comes under attack from bandits - keep killing them until you get to Ellie who races off without you. Ride with Tommy until you come under attack, then kill the bandits and take any supplies from nearby. There are around seven enemeies to kill here, and if you use your new weapons you can make very short work of them. Once you're done, saddle up once more and get ready to head to the ranch where Ellie is.

Ranch House

Take all the supplies littered around the house, then head upstairs and get ready to fight the bandits when they show up. Try to use as many melee attacks as you can during this fight, as you're probably low on ammunition at this point. You can also use smoke bombs to get some easy kills. Once you've killed them all, leave the house to finish up this chapter of the game.

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