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The Last of Us Part 1 The Suburbs walkthrough

This comparatively short chapter is still a deadly affair. We'll walk you step by step through the most dangerous sections of the suburbs.

The Suburbs isn't the longest section of The Last of Us, but there are still plenty of places you can run into trouble. Use our walkhrough to make it safely through to Tommy's Dam.

This chapter is split into two very different sections. The first one takes you through The Sewers, one of the more horror-focused environments in The Last Of Us Part 1.

The Suburbs on the other hand, is action-packed, with a sniper to take down and the return of some familiar enemies.

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Have a good look all over the beach for any items you can pinch, then look in the boat nearby for a handful of collectables. Now go back the way you came until you find Sam. Follow him up onto the rocks, help Henry get the gate open, then enter the sewers.

Keep following your new friends until you come to a crossroads. Head right and then keep walking forwards until you come to a dead end. Look for a vent in the room, open it, and then let Ellie crawl through it. Once she's opened the door, pass through it yourself and take any items you can see. Now leave the room and meet up with Sam and Henry. Keep following them until you come to a new room.

Jump down into the water by the gate to your right. Keep swimming until you reach a pipe that's blocking the gate. Once you've taken it away, Henry will lift the gate, allowing you to swim beneath it and head up the steps to your left.

Climb up the ladder on your left, then push the nearby pallet into the water. Before getting back in the water - and if you need supplies - head into the room to your left. Just be ready to chuck a Molotov cocktail into the room before you enter, as it's stuffed with Clickers. Grab the items, then use the ladder to climb down and access a hole on your right. Grab the items there and then enter the water once more.

Push the pallet along until you're back with Ellie. Once she's on it, take her to the generator so she can fire it up. Once Sam and Henry have joined up with you, follow them to the next room where new supplies can be found. Now open the door at the end of the hallway, triggering a trap in the process.

Walk into this new room and take all of the supplies, including the Shorty gun that's on the table to your left. Take the corridor on your left, then open the door you come to. Head downstairs, but be ready to run back up when you encounter the infected enemies. By running back up, you force Henry and Sam to do all the hard work for you!

When all of the enemies are dead, carry on down the stairs to your right, grab all the supplies, then head back to the entrance. Take a right and then go upstairs, then go through the door on your left and get some more supplies. Now carry on down the sewer, head downstairs, and take the door on your right.

Now you're locked in the Stalker den, and it's up to you and Sam to deal with the infected. These creatures move extremely quickly and are very aggressive - even if you try to sneak past them, they'll get you.

You can deal with these creatures by staying right and going past the blue boxes, then on towards the bedroom on your left. This allows you to monitor both entrances to the area while killing the Stalkers. As for weaponry, we recommend using something that packs a meaty punch, like the Hunter rifle. Once they're all dead, head to the massive room with the filtration system in it, then give Sam a leg-up so he can reach the ladder. Head up it yourself and then jump down.

As soon as you land, start running for the door ahead of you. Just keep moving and climbing whenever you have to, for as long as you can. You'll have to deal with Clickers and Stalkers, so make use of the Molotov cocktails and the bomb on the table. When everything's dead, take whatever supplies you can find and leave the door to escape the sewers for good. If using bombs here, keep an eye out for any infected left crawling towards you. These can still harm you, so melee them with a swift stomp to finish them off.


There aren't any infected to worry about around here, so take your time exploring the houses for any supplies you might need. As soon as you come to a dead end, turn all the way around and head towards the house that's to the right of the ice cream van. Walk through the front door and out the back, then make your way towards the yellow stairs to your right.

Sniper encounter

You'll notice a sniper taking shots at you, so use cover as you approach its position. You'll see a muzzle flash if you are spotted. Try to keep moving and stay away from any windows while fighting. Go inside the house on your left and kill the Hunter waiting inside. Now leave the house via the back door and carry on to the right, killing any more Hunters you encounter. Eventually you'll reach a platform to your left. Get on it, go over the fence, and run as fast as you can to the top floor where the sniper is. Kill him and steal the rifle.

You can now use this rifle to provide cover for Sam, Ellie and Henry. Keep shooting away at the Hunters until the turret shows up again, then shoot the driver of the turret the moment he exposes himself by opening the top. When the turret's destroyed, get ready to protect your friends, and just keep firing until you can't shoot any more of the infected.

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