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The Last of Us Part 1 Lakeside Resort walkthrough

How to hunt down your prey, deal with the bandits, and make it safely through this late-game section of The Last of Us Part 1.

Onto Winter in The Last Of Us Part 1 now as Ellie attempts to nurse Joel back to health. You'll switch to playing as Ellie at this point for a while, and first thing's first it's time to hunt.

The Lakeside Resort will introduce you to a bunch of new characters and one of the main villians of The Last Of Us Part 1.

You'll have to deal with a few tricky fights as you approach the end of The Last of Us. Here's our complete guide to surviving every threat in the Lakeside Resort section of the game.

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The Hunt

To complete this deer-hunting section, you'll have to be very cautious and avoid stepping on any branches - otherwise you'll startle your prey. Follow the deer and shoot it with your bow as soon as you can. Keep following the trail of blood, then shoot it once more. Eventually you'll come to a cabin containing another two survivors.

You'll have to now defend the shack with David from the incoming infected. Put your back to the wall and stay focused on the activity at the windows. Shoot anything that appears, then leave the room when prompted. Kill the Clickers, then keep heading forward and climb up the yellow ladder you come to. Go straight forwards before taking the boost up and onto the right-hand walkway.

Take the first right and keep following the sounds of the Clicker. Kill it, then take all of the supplies from the room. Leave, then head towards the ladder. Use it to get back to the ground, then follow David into another room where you'll face another fight.

Keep a very close eye on all of the entry points to this room, and pick off the enemies as and when they enter - use your rifle on the Clickers for maximum effect, and set traps when you have a moment. When they're all dead, a Bloater will appear. Try chucking any bombs or Molotov cocktails you have at him, while avoiding any Runners and Clickers that show up. When he's dead you'll be able to follow David along to the walkway.

After this section, David will reveal that he has been looking for a young girl and a man that slaughtered some of their group. Things will get pretty tense, but David will eventually cool off and give Ellie the medicine she needs. Ellie is then free to return to Joel on horseback. You'll see a brief cutscene of Ellie administering Joel with the antibiotics, before falling asleep.

Cabin Resort

Ellie will wake up to the sounds of bandits searching the area. She now needs to lead the bandits away. Get on the horse and ride towards the left to avoid the gunfire. Just be ready to see off any enemies who jump onto the horse. When this section ends, carry on down the hill and then jump through the window. Grab all of the supplies you can find and get ready for more bandits. Try switching to your bow and arrow to preserve your more powerful ammunition for later.

When all of the Bandits are dead, keep heading forwards until you come to a gate. Use the pipes to the side to get access here. When you're in the second pipe, you'll need to clear the obstruction before killing the Bandits. Keep going forward a little more until you come to a new cabin. Move the rubbish bin and get inside the cabin, then grab the supplies inside. Head upstairs and keep going forward. Kill the Bandits, then head left toward the barricaded exit - smash it open.

At this point, Joel will be up and about and looking for Ellie. Take the supplies from the house and then leave via the front door. Take a right, then hang to the left to deal with the Bandits. Go inside the house, take more supplies, then leave through the opposite side. Leap over the barricade you come to. Joel will capture two of the bandits to interrogate about Ellie's whereabouts.

Ellie now needs to escape, so run away quickly from the man firing at you. Take a left to reach a blocked gate, then go through the door to your left. Move the bin out of the way, crouch beneath the beams, then enter the pet shop. Kill the Hunter when he arrives, take the gun from his corpse, then go through the window on your left and into the next shop along. Use cover, and the snow to take out the rest of the Hunters, pick up all of the supplies, then go through the window towards the burning rubbish bin. Kill the nearby Hunter.

Make your way towards the burning rubbish bins to your left. Keep walking along this alley until you reach the post vans. Kill the Hunters, go upstairs and then make your way towards the bin. Go through the hole on your left, kill the guard lurking by the truck, then head through the fence. Keep heading left and you'll eventually come to an alley. Go down it and into the arcade, kill all the Hunters, then go through the front door. There's another building nearby with another burning rubbish bin in front of it. Go down the alley to the right of it, look for a rubbish bin beneath a window, then use it to escape the weather.

David boss fight

Take all of the items you can find in Todd's Steakhouse, the go towards the front door. You'll now find yourself back with David and you'll have to stab him a total of three times. He'll pull out a machete after your first attack, so you'll have to sneak up for the remaining two. Just watch out for the plates on the floor, as the noise will give your position away. The easiest way to get a hit in is to throw glass bottles and bricks to lead him away. You can also throw them right at him to stagger him. After two hits, he will be a lot faster, and will move and sneak around more. Use bottles to lead him away for easy hits.

Now lead Joel into the petrol station and wait for the Hunters to attack. Once you've finished them, go back outside and look out for the guards in the towers over on your right. Slip into the trail beneath it and then exit via the other side. Kill the guards using your bow, then carry on walking until you find an alley with a burning barrel in it. Kill the Hunters and keep walking forwards until you find yourself in a building.

You'll eventually come across Ellie's rucksack. Carry on walking through the butcher's shop as quietly as possible, then leave via the front door. You'll now switch back to Ellie, inching towards the machete. Press Triangle when prompted to do so.

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