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The intriguing-looking Exo One finally arrives next week

Ready to ship.

Exo One - which we've had our eye on now for almost five years - will finally launch next week for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on 18th November.

A vast and beautiful sci-fi exploration game, Exo One is the work of developer Jay Weston. You control a mysterious gleaming spacecraft that can be rolled around planets like a sci-fi Wii Sports Golf ball, or soar through the air like a flying saucer.

Cover image for YouTube videoExo One Release Date Reveal

We first spotted Exo One back at Rezzed in 2017, where we named it one of our favourites from the show.

A few years later, Exo One was given a 2020 release date after popping up at the alternative E3 indie showcase run by Guerrilla Collective - although then that came and went.

And then in April, Edwin tried out Exo One's Steam demo featuring the game's first planet. That is still available now if you fancy a go.