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The internet reacts to the Mario movie

"Hahahahaha bananas! Hahahahaha."

Last night's Nintendo Direct graced us with the unexpected reveal of a Super Mario movie, along with a cast list of the main characters.

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As you would expect, the internet became flooded with the reactions to the star-studded cast, mostly with cries of "why!?" and wishful thinking that it was all a fever dream.

So, here's a curated sample of the best memes in reaction to the announcement.

Let's call this first section, Why is an Italian-American plumber played by Chris Pratt?

Then we have Charlie Day, best known for his role as Charlie Kelly in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Others have wondered why his co-star, Danny Devito, isn't playing Yoshi.

As for Princess Peach.

At least people are happy with Bowser.

And perhaps Donkey Kong.

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