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The hardware needed to output Switch Lite to TV "does not exist" in the new device

"There's nothing there to interpret and put out any type of video."

For those hoping there might be a hidden - or secret - way to output the Nintendo Switch Lite to a television or monitor, I have bad news. According to investigation work by YouTuber Jonathan Downey, "there's nothing there to interpret and put out any type of video".

"It appears that the hardware that is needed does not exist on the board, which is a semiconductor that's required to interpret video," Downey explained in a Switch Lite teardown video (thanks, VGC). "There's nothing there to interpret and put out any type of video.

"So, unfortunately, for anyone who's wondering if that would ever be possible if it gets hacked or something down the road, it does not appear to be the case from what I'm seeing."

The Nintendo Switch Lite, which released on 20th September 2019, is a cheaper, portable version of Nintendo Switch that does not include the dock needed to play Switch games on your TV.

Other findings by Downey includes claims that the Switch Lite uses the same Joy-Con sticks as the original model - even though the Lite's ones are not detachable - and the increased battery life is achieved chiefly by its more efficient processor. The Switch Lite also has a slightly smaller battery.

"Who would have believed it? The Switch that cannot actually switch is an absolute triumph - a pared back rendition of the hardware that demonstrates quite spectacularly that beyond the hybrid console functionality that defined the system, this was always a handheld at its core - and a brilliant one at that," Digital Foundry said when it reviewed the new Switch Lite device.

"Yes, the new model is cheaper, pared back, significantly simplified and missing some nice features, but there's the sense that having settled upon a dedicated handheld companion product, Nintendo aimed to make it the best it could possibly be. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth buying? Absolutely.

"Beyond these nit-picks and concerns about the nature of the sticks, Switch Lite is a lovely handheld," Digital Foundry said when it reviewed the new Switch Lite device. "I'm not sure I can remember wholeheartedly recommending an offshoot device that actually strips back the initial offering and removes features, but for my money, Switch Lite still feels like a whole, complete product at a great price-point.

"It works because it focuses on one aspect of the overall experience and for my money, it's the most crucial one - handheld gaming. Which Switch to buy depends very much on the extent to which living room play is important to you but beyond Digital Foundry work, I've always played Switch titles exclusively in handheld mode. And given a choice between the original model and the Lite for portable play, it's the smaller, cuter unit that I'd prefer to game with."

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