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The Godfather Facebook game revealed

Fully-licensed mafia wars.

Social gaming outfit Kabam will partner with movie studio Paramount to develop The Godfather: Five Families, an officially licensed strategy game for Facebook.

Set in 1935, 10 years before the first Godfather film, The Godfather sees players battle New York's Five Families in a street war for gang supremacy.

Five Families' gameplay will be an extension of Kabam's existing Facebook military RTS, Global Warfare.

Combat is performed through a rock-paper-scissors mechanic via an array of 10 troop types, from the foot soldier Thug to the trained-up Professional.

Players must put together a crew of wiseguys, level them up and take control of territory across 1930's New York.

You can sign up for The Godfather: Five Families' closed beta now via Kabam's website.

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