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The first Paralympics video game out today

Developed by Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata.

The first Paralympics video game comes out today.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is the first project from JP Games, a new company founded by Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata.

The free smartphone game, licenced by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), launches on iOS and Android.

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The game is set in the virtual city of Pegasus City. Players are invited to connect to the RPG by creating an avatar called a Mine, which they can make using selfies on their phone.

With their newly created Mine, players can freely roam the city and interact with other Mines from all over the world. The growth and success of each player's Mine contributes to the development of the Pegasus City.

Mines are conditioned by the things they eat and drink, training in the gym, and participating in competitions to become a successful para-athlete. Pegasus City is home to online para-sports tournaments, where players get to train hard in their quest for gold medals.

The game offers two sports, boccia and the 100m sprint, with other sports such as wheelchair racing, five-a-side football, and wheelchair basketball scheduled to be added at a later date. You can play online too.

Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan's top figure skater, is the game's ambassador and makes his video game debut.

"As someone who enjoys games and an athlete as well, I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to experience the excitement of the Paralympics through gaming," he said.

Japanese mascot Kumamon and nine real-life para-athletes appear in the game as NPCs in Pegasus City. Players complete quests where they can talk to and compete with the para-athletes.

In addition, players can come together for several in-game experiences, which include the Pegasus Avatar GALA Party and a live event that features popular artists.