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The eye-catching Riley and Rochelle is a tale about "love, pop and the 90s"

The bands of time.

A new game that centres on "love, pop and the '90s" is set to release this autumn.

Riley and Rochelle from Sheinman Games will take players on a deductive journey, following the lives of two singers from two different backgrounds who fall in love... and also fall apart.

Players will create their own documentary about the two stars as they "take a nuanced yet insider look at the pop culture world" of the '90s. Diary entries, along with a catalogue of Riley and Rochelle's older records, will work as a framework for the narrative, with the developer stating "the player will choose how they want the film to end, and who gets to come out on top." Here's a trailer:

Love, Pop, and the '90s.Watch on YouTube

In a press release, game designer Tim Sheinman said Riley and Rochelle were inspired by his memories of a '90s Academy Awards ceremony in which Celine Dion and Elliot Smith were both up for Best Song,.

"Our game poses the question of what if these two musicians fell in love? What would that look like?," he said.

The game will also get "players to think and potentially have a new perspective about where authenticity, art, and pop culture overlap and conflict, the greater meaning of art, who gets to create it, and what it means to sell out vs. make art for art's sake," writer Natalia Yanchak said.

Riley and Rochelle will be coming to PC via Steam this autumn, with a demo available as part of Steam Next Fest, from 3rd October until 10th October.