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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 16 Pt. 2

Kaz Hirai, Peter Moore, Wii Fit, and Rock Band.

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Tom Bramwell: Pop Idol. Unlikely as it may at first seem, Eurogamer's veteran wordsmith might just be the Next Big Thing In Music if Simon Cowell inadvertently stumbles across Episode 16 Part 2 of The Eurogamer TV Show.

It's all EA's fault, letting us play Rock Band on camera. Silly EA. Apart from this stunning headline act, the final part of EGTV's E3 2007 retrospective (don't forget to catch up with Part 1) moves on from the conferences, to the dramatically reshaped show itself.

Supporting acts include Peter Moore, Kaz Hirai, Peter Molyneux, LittleBigPlanet, Halo 3, WiiFit, Project Gotham 4's m070rb1k3s, and a rousing al fresco finale from the Eurogamer All-Stars.

Witness the exact moment when Sony Europe announced, er, a new bundle instead of the hoped-for price cut; share Peter Moore's relish at revelations of Nintendo Reggie's apparent weight problems; discover how Peter Molyneux reckons he can beat you up with one finger; and find out what really happens when Bramwell and free bar collide.

All this and more, Episode 16 Part 2 of The Eurogamer TV Show.

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