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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 13

Sega Rally, Pokémon and Transformers.

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It's E3 next week and some of us have a plane to catch, dontcha know. So it is with the sweet sorrow of a departure-lounge hug that we leave you with a new episode of the Eurogamer TV Show to comfort you in our stead ahead of a week of transatlantic internet love letters from the trembling quills of our passionate team. With any luck, it might not even be the organisational shambles it threatens to be.

This week's lead feature is a behind-the scenes look at Sega Rally, the next-gen remake of the Japanese firm's classic arcade racer. Entrusted to the recently formed Racing Studio in the UK, Rally's 'big idea' is the introduction of truly deformable racing surfaces, which are violently churned up during races, with a dramatic impact on gameplay.

EGTV goes under the bonnet to examine the technology behind this claimed racing revolution, plus there's reams of exclusive, direct-feed footage of the game in action you won't see anywhere else. Oh, and there's also some guy called Tim Broomwill, or something, sounding off about what he reckons to it all.

In other shocking 'behind-the-scenes' developments, Lego Star Wars developer Traveller's Tales also invited in the EGTV cameras for tea-and-biccies and, in the absence of any tits and arses for James to film, a look at the making of the game of Michael Bay's megabucks new Transformers movie.

And finally, you either love 'em or hate 'em, but Diamond and Pearl are about to unleash a new generation of Pokémon on Nintendo's soaring DS. And with Mr Pokémon Tsunekazu Ishihara in town, EGTV cosies up for a chat about the unstoppable mega-franchise.

That's all in Episode 13 of the Eurogamer TV Show, now showing.

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