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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 11

Halo 3 multiplayer beta, World in Conflict, and Forza 2.

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If you're one of those warm, welcoming individuals on the Halo 3 beta that's been 'encouraging' your correspondent to die roughly every three seconds, then I hope you're feeling very proud of yourself.

For 360 owners and the games press, the multiplayer beta has been the big gameplay event of the past few weeks. Naturally, we've been going at it hammer and tong, with varying degrees of non-success.

In truth, the beta, unless you are some l337 cyborg with a joypad wired into your thrusting crotch, can prove a rather unforgiving experience to the lone gamer. So we assembled a Eurogamer firing squad of non-superhuman FPS abilities to gorge ourselves on the new maps, and gauge views on the new game modes and weapons.

You can see the results in Episode 11 of The Eurogamer TV Show, ready for viewing right now. Our very own Tom Bramwell, Rich Melville and Rich Leadbetter wade in with their opinions as EGTV shows multiple-viewpoint footage captured direct from live EG matches across all three of the beta's maps. It was emotional.

Sitting through the weird Eurovision-esque Ubidays press conference in Paris earlier this week, we were courted with tales of RTS glory from the makers of Tom Clancy's EndWar. In particular, there was much trumpeting of the game's nifty 3D camera, promising to offer far greater detail that strategy fans are accustomed to from the usual top-down fare.

Well, Sweden's Massive Entertainment might have a few things to say about that. Its Page 3 strategy 'stunna', World In Conflict, is now just a few months away from release, and is also attempting to revolutionise the genre through the cinematic sweep of its camera. CEO Martin Walfisz takes EGTV on a journey through this tasty-looking, Cold War-themed warmonger.

Finally, if you own a 360 and get curiously aroused by the smell of filthy, scorched tyre rubber, the imminent Forza Motorsport 2 is probably on your shopping list. Hyper-enthusiastic game director Dan Greenawalt reckons he can also fire the passions of those of you for whom a four-wheeled vehicle is just something hot women slide across in photoshoots, or that you're sick in the back of on a Friday night.

With footage from right across the game, an interview with Dan, and James The Cameraman's big moment front-of-camera for a Top Gear's Stig-style gokarting marathon, EGTV peers under Forza 2's bonnet in Episode 11, live now.

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