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We talk XCOM 2, The Division beta and TRUCKS.

Hello again! We're back with the second episode of our video games podcast and this time it's all about XCOM 2. Or at least, it really should have been. After awarding Firaxis' latest a big golden badge yesterday, I assumed I'd have free reign to just talk about that for upwards of an hour, but, unfortunately, there were some other people on the podcast too.

While I've been saving the world from aliens, everyone else has been mucking around with the closed beta for The Division. Aoife, Martin and Tom all have some thoughts regarding the game's future and at one point Destiny is mentioned, which should be good for at least a couple of angry comments. Stick around to hear Tom's story about his time in the Dark Zone - it sounds brill.

And, of course, we've saved the real big hitter for last: Martin's adventures in the world of American Truck Simulator. We soon find out that alongside his usual driving wheel and stickshift setup, he's got a little hat he wears while driving. What a big nerd.

I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for the great feedback last time around. You're lovely, you are. Give us a kiss.

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We're still on the hunt for some decent intro/outro music. You can expect that with the next episode.

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