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The Demon's Souls remake won't be introducing new difficulty levels

And is looking as dazzling as ever in our latest glimpse.

The next gen is well and truly here, and just a couple of weeks out from its launch we've been given another look at Bluepoint and SIE Japan Studio's Demon's Souls remake. It's looking as splendid as it ever has, with a batch of accompanying interviews revealing some key details about what's changed when it comes to the remake - and what's stayed the same.

The PlayStation 5 launch title will offer a performance mode that presents a dynamic 4K and 60fps experience, a cinematic mode that's 4K 30fps and a bunch of filters that will make the game look like the PS3 original, among other options.

Some changes have been made to the game itself - though fans should be assured the tinkering has been light. 'It's really important that we make sure we stay true to the original creator's vision," said creative director Gavin Moore in a Famitsu playthrough, revealing there are no new maps but there are some UI and feature improvements.

World Tendency, a fuzzy system in the original that worked akin to a morality system, is made more explicit, alongside other UI features. Many of the original's bugs have been removed - though some that found favour with Demon's Souls players have been kept intact.

Haptic feedback has been integrated, with the force feedback playing a big part in combat as players feel their swords clash against shields. The PS5's 3D audio is also being employed.

Returning to a theme that surrounds the release of every Soulsborne, there'll be no difficulty options presented in the Demon's Souls remake.

What's perhaps most important to fans, though, is that this remake looks spectacular, employing an array of dazzling effects for one of the most impressive next gen demos yet. And to think, in two weeks time you might well be playing it.

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